๐ŸงทVenus Application Scenarios

NFT issued on Venus is a unique digital asset. Compared to alternative assets such as Tokens, NFT creates a complete NFT value system within a considerable elasticity space, which is widely applicable to a variety of applications.

  • Music Collection

Music collections based on Venus designs save contracts, copyrights, patents and other information that needs to be stored on the chain in the form of NFT, which facilitates subsequent updates, circulation and transactions. When someone needs to trade a music collection, he only needs to post NFT-tagged information to declare the authenticity of the work and the ownership of the work. While ensuring the legitimacy of the transaction, it also prevents the forgery and fraud of music copyrights.

  • Intellectual Property

For any intellectual property, such as song copyright, movie copyright, picture copyright, painting copyright, music copyright, invention patent, etc., the identity can be verified by NFT. Simply put, this is equivalent to placing an immutable and unique barcode on the back of all items to confirm and identify the copyright of the asset.

  • Certificate Proof

NFT can be used for digital identity verification of various documents, such as ID cards, academic certificates, driver's licenses, real estate certificates, etc. It can be used not only to verify the authenticity of certificates, but also to prevent them from being stolen, tampered with or destroyed.

  • Financial Billing

Due to the uniqueness of financial bill audits and the fact that a range of wealth bills, such as financial instruments, involve financial and capital transactions that require a high degree of security. Therefore, financial bills can be used in conjunction with NFT for traceability tracking while facilitating confirmation of entitlements.

  • Tax Governance

For tax returns, companies and individuals need to submit a series of supporting documents, such as invoices, etc. To enhance the efficiency of tax collection, NFT can be used to mark the relevant supporting documents to ensure authenticity.

  • Game Assets

For gamers, virtual assets are becoming increasingly important in the game, and NFT can encode in-game pets, assets, props, equipment, and other items to increase uniqueness and help verify player ownership.

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