๐ŸŒŒVUS Token Mechanism

VUS Distribution and Functionality

In order to promote the construction of the Venus DAO ecosystem, Venus Foundation has issued the token VUS in the form of DAO governance. VUS serves as a medium of exchange for Venus DAO, providing users with various ecological rights and interests of Venus DAO, while VUS is widely used in ecological trading, circulation, and confirmation of rights.

Governance Token

VUS is the governance token of Venus DAO. Holders of VUS participate in the voting governance of Venus DAO, decide the future development of the organization and share the future value.

Platform Token

VUS is the Venus DAO eco-application platform Token, holding VUS can offset the commission and participate in the platform revenue sharing.

Circulating Token

In all Venus ecosystems, VUS acts as a circulation TOKEN, a valuation TOKEN, and performs all exchange functions.

VUS Issuance and Distribution

Token Name: Venus Abbreviation: VUS

Issue number: 4100000000 pieces

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