๐Ÿ“ฐVenus DAO Culture and Development

The DAO-Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an Internet native blockchain-derived investor-led venture capital fund organization, managed by all members and independent of a central authority. Venus DAO was born to bring together like-minded believers in the global blockchain and value meta-universe.

Venus DAO is a blockchain-powered, digitally native, community-led organization in which members vote on the organization's real direction and vision. And the Venus DAO utility can support the achievement of the meta-universe's ambitious goal of democratizing the creator economy by creating a more direct and transparent connection between communities and specific projects.

Venus DAO will release unique NFTs that are not just collectible images, but a pair of Venus DAO worldviews, brand narratives, and visual images delivered. Like Marvel characters or Transformers toys, they appear on branded merchandise, in physical and virtual events, and are expected to spawn video game franchises. From the NFT holder's perspective, owning an NFT not only provides an exclusive experience, it creates an expectation that the holder will have a say in the direction and management of the DAO's development.

Venus DAO replaces the traditional corporate decision-making hierarchy with a de-centralized leadership community structure, and realizes the vision of market globalization with ecological applications such as the NFT platform, where the value of data is assetized to be enjoyed by users, ultimately building a colorful value meta-universe.

Venus DAO has the ability to facilitate the realization of the value meta-universe and gather a group of value investors to participate in the community, setting the barrier of entry for smaller projects. Users can meet, discuss and agree on the collective mission of the DAO on a variety of social networking sites, and then they can develop economic models using smart contracts.

Through the Internet, almost anyone can participate in the ecological construction of the value meta-universe in Venus DAO. At Venus DAO, it allows each community user to enjoy a sense of ownership similar to that of a startup co-founder, who can guide the development of the item and further drive innovation.

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